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skywalker og dankwood. you’re ready to take an out-of-this-world journey straight into outer space on an adventure you probably never saw coming, Skywalker OG is the perfect strain for you. Again Feel the other-worldly tingle, from your head down to your toes, that will start you out feeling relaxed and euphoric. delving into a realm of introspection and deep thought, followed by a fog that slowly creeps over, leaving your mind, body and soul blissful, couch-locked and eventually lethargic, all thanks to this potent and stoney high.

     Uses of skywalker og dankwood

This bud has medium-sized dense round olive green nugs with burnt orange furry twisty hairs and rich orange undertones. These nugs have a fine layer of milky white trichomes and sweet sticky resin.

Buy sky walker Users describe the Skywalker OG high as a very heavy stoney high. also leaves you utterly couch-locked, relaxed, and lethargic with an almost overwhelming case of the munchies.

also, buy sky walker dankwoods.

This is accompanied by a head-in-the-clouds euphoric head. The high that fades into a deep and peaceful sleep upon the come down. skywalker og

Again, Due to these potent effects. furthermore Skywalker OG is an ideal strain for treating patients suffering. Conditions such as chronic stress, pain also due to injury or illness. And mild to moderate cases of depression.

Also This out-of-this-world hybrid is certainly something special, and appropriately named so. Skywalker OG stems from the legendary OG Kush strain, mixed with Skywalker. also resulting in a potent plant.

nothing short of amazing. And again buy sky walker preroll. The good vibrations are strong within this one. despite its disputed parentage. skywalker og dankwood.Buy best dank vapes online.dank vapes for sale


Skywalker OG


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